Utilities (Public, Private, Co-ops, etc.)

Utilities are facing increasing challenges with meeting both energy and peak power demand, making the effectiveness of their buildings-targeted programs even more critical.  Unfortunately, utilities are not necessarily well-equipped to fully capitalize on their building efficiency programs.  We well understand building energy and peak demand issues, having participated in the development of the standards that govern building energy performance over the past 30 years.  We can assist utilities with:

  • Review and assessment of existing buildings-targeted programs (insulation, HVAC, lighting, etc.)
  • Development of proposed program changes or new programs to more effectively capture the energy and power objectives for their programs
  • Development of recommendations to PUCs on proposed changes to utility programs and structures targeting building energy performance
  • Training of utility staff, program managers and others on building energy performance and peak demand issues
  • Testimony at PUCs on proposed buildings-targeted programs
  • Development of consumer information and web materials in support of utility programs targeting residential and commercial building energy use and performance
  • Review of proposed rate structures, programs and operational plans as they relate to efficiency program objectives and priorities
  • Community workshops and training on utility-sponsored programs targeting building efficiency objectives 


Some of the ways Companies, Utilities, States and Others Work With Us: