Mathis Consulting Company (MC2) strives to provide the highest quality education.

Our team has collectively over 100 years of experience and is qualified to teach to a variety of topics ranging from energy codes to building science principles and beyond.

We provide custom training experiences based on your organization's needs.  We currently have approved classes through the AIA, ASHRAE, NC DOI, SC LLR, and more. 

To request information regarding past trainging events, or future opportunities please contact Bridget Herring at

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Chirs Mathis is an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and is a Keynote Speaker.

Presentation Topics

  1.  Building Science Lessons from the Honey Bee   
  2.  Compliance with ASHRAE 90.1     
  3.  Why Buildings Matter and the Role of Improved Codes in the Southeast  
  4.  International Green Construction Code and Its Potential for the Southeast   
  5.  South Carolina Energy Conservation Code  
  6.  North Carolina Energy Conservation Code  
  7.  Manual J and Manual D: HVAC Basics for Code Officials
  8.  What Building Officials Need to Know About REScheck and Comcheck
  9.  Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings
  10. Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings
  11. Energy Efficient Window and Fenestration Technologies
  12. How Long Will It Last? Addressing the Challenge of Sustainability