MC2 Team


R. Christopher Mathis

R. Christopher “Chris” Mathis has spent the past 30 years focusing on how buildings and building products perform – from energy efficiency to code compliance to long-term durability.  Today, his business focus is to work with strategically-aligned clients, leveraging that knowledge and understanding to improve buildings, building products and the codes and standards that govern them.

Chris received his undergraduate degree in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Asheville.  He received a Master of Science in Architecture Studies from MIT where his graduate work focused on energy use in buildings. 

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E. Benjamin Edwards

Ben Edwards received his B.S. from Davidson College. As an associate with Mathis Consulting Company, Ben is engaged in numerous energy code and sustainability initiatives. He participates in ASHRAE 90, 189, and IECC/IgCC development activities with a focus on the building thermal envelope, holistic systems integration, performance‐based compliance and sustainability.

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Bridget Herring

Bridget Herring has over 4 years experience in environmental outreach and education including campaigns pertaining to university green building and resource management policies, regional air quality education programs, city public transit planning and energy code education. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies with a concentration in environmental education, and a minor in political science. As an associate for Mathis Consulting Company, she has conducted an aggressive outreach campaign and provided on‐site support for energy code education to building professionals across North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. She has participated in research and cost analyses in support of the efforts to improve energy codes and standards at both the state and national level. Bridget recently was an active participant in the development of the latest edition of the IECC, reviewing code proposals and providing technical support on the ground to voting members at the final action hearings.

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Jonah Butcher

Jonah Butcher has 9 years of broad-based engineering, design, and product development experience in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in the private, commercial, and university settings.  Early work on renewable energy R&D led to project work with architects and engineers on some of the most innovative building energy projects in the Southeast including the UNC Asheville Craft Campus and the Proximity Hotel (Recently rated LEED Platinum and host to the largest solar-hot-water installation in the South East).  He has led Mathis Consulting projects in market research for building supply and solar manufacturing companies.

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Rob Moody

Rob is a frequent contributor to Fine HomeBuilding magazine and, writing blogs, articles and creating video blogs. Rob will soon be working with the Clinton Foundation on weatherization, green building and energy efficiency training in Arkansas. Rob's career has been spent in three phases thus far: high school science teacher, green builder and green consultant and educator. Sustainability has been the consistent theme with each profession. From an early age, Rob had a keen interest in the environment, and earned a degree in biology focusing on vertebrate ecology (namely salamanders) at UNC Asheville.

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Jonathan H.C. Kelman

Jonathan H.C. Kelman holds a Master's Degree in Political Science from the University of California, Irvine, and currently is working on his PhD.  He has 6 years of undergraduate teaching experience in political science and history.  As an associate at Mathis Consulting Company, Jonathan has researched the potential capital costs associated with future power plant construction by North and South Carolina utilities.  


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