State and Federal Agencies

States are facing increasing challenges with regarding to meeting their housing, energy, power and water needs.  This is especially true in high population growth states.  What to do with state building codes, what to do with existing building infrastructure, how to shape utility and water policy to meet the growing demands are just a few of the common questions being asked.  Fortunately we have worked closely with states from California to Massachusetts to Florida to the Carolinas to try to help states tackle these problems and growing challenges.

From review of current codes to the development of new proposals govern the energy, power and water demands of buildings, we are well familiar and equipped to assist states in addressing these challenges.  Whether for new construction or addressing existing buildings, we can help states make more informed decisions regarding building governance.  Our services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Review and assessment of existing state energy code
  • Development of state-specific energy code proposals, based on the state’s specific needs
  • Cost analysis of various building code proposals
  • Quantification of a state’s energy, power and water needs based on trend analysis and census projections
  • Assessment of a state’s buildings inventory to help prioritize regulatory objectives

These same tools can be used in support of federal agency objectives.  Whether for state-specific analysis or for national assessment, we can assist federal agencies with our broad building, energy and environmental expertise.  We have worked with DOE, State Department, GSA and various national laboratories over the years in a variety of capacities, from analytics to code proposal development to code advocacy and defense. 


Some of the ways Companies, Utilities, States and Others Work With Us: