MC2 Professional Services 

Building Codes and Standards:

National, State and Local

  • Code Development  
  • Code Education
  • Code Compliance Review and Analysis 
  • Green Standards Development
  • Green Code Language Development

Energy Policy:

National, State and Local

  • Consulting and Development of Energy Power Policies  


  • Building Codes, Standards and Energy Policy
  • Why Buildings Matter? The "Power" of Energy Efficiency
  • How Long Will It Last? Addressing the Challenges of Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings
  • Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings
  • Energy Efficient Window and Fenestration Technologies
  • Leaner, Greener and Meaner: Energy Code Update
  • Compliance with ASHRAE 90.1
  • Green Building Techniques
  • Building Science Lessons from the Honeybees
    • Seminars 
    • Classroom
    • Webinars
    • Field Training
    • Personalized Business and Institutional Training
    • Personalized Private and Public Sector Training 

Chirs Mathis is an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and is a Keynote Speaker.

Who benefits from this training: Power companies, product manufactures, schools & universities, builders, architects, engineers, building owners, code officials, mortgage institutions, national, state and local governments.

We currently have approved classes through AIA, ASHRAE, NC DOI, SC and LLR. 


Product Manufactures

  • Building product development
  • Trend analysis, internal review and strategic planning to companies in the building industry
  • National, state and local development of strategically targeted proposals to building and energy codes
  • Business and product reviews against emerging market trends
  • Coordination of product performance and durability assessments

Power Companies

  • Development of and assistance in implementation of rebate programs

Business and Institutional

  • Review and Development of Energy Policy
  • Planning and Consulting on New Green Building Projects
  • Planning and Consulting on Green Rehab Projects
  • Carbon Equivalence Assessment

Building Performance

  • On-site Assessment and Forensics of Building Failures
  • Review and Consulting on Failure Remediation


Some of the ways Companies, Utilities, States and Others Work With Us: 


Past Accomplishments