Building Product Manufacturers

Building product manufacturers often work with our team to help develop strategic positioning for their products or technology platforms.  This strategic positioning often takes the form of working to shape product standards and codes that better support and recognize their superior performance or technology offerings – especially when that superior performance is related to energy efficiency, sustainability or durability.  We use the term “Technical Marketing” to reflect the fact that, while these rating, code and standards activities are often fundamentally technical in nature, they are an integral part of a company’s marketing objectives for its products.  Our support helps product manufacturers to shape and deliver these technical messages in ways that work for their marketing and business objectives.

We are often asked to help companies in product development, product positioning, performance prioritization as well as with strategic, long-term planning.  We offer workshops on a variety of topics from ideation to long-term planning, often designed specifically to help companies navigate the often challenging waters where “technical” and “marketing” objectives come together.

Areas where we provide support include, but are not limited to: 

  • Development and shaping of ASTM, ISO and industry standards addressing buildings and building product performance
  • Assessment of how proposed standards changes might impact a market, product category, regulatory landscape, etc.
  • Development and shaping of building and product energy standards
  • Development of building code and product positioning strategies
  • Development of code proposals to state and national building code bodies
  • Presentation and testimony in support of or in opposition to specific code proposals
  • Sales training on various building and product performance topics
  • Customer presentations on various topics of building, code and business topics
  • Collaboration with industry organizations in support of shared strategiccode and regulatory objectives


Some of the ways Companies, Utilities, States and Others Work With Us: