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Buildings Matter

Green Building, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

Buildings (homes and commercial buildings) consume over 40% of our nations energy – more than any other sector of our economy. Reducing their energy consumption is easy. Boring but easy. The power embodied in energy efficiency is greater than what can be done with new power plants. Although new buildings and codes are important – there are many more existing buildings and their energy draining holes need to be plugged in order to balance our energy budget.


Working with:  power companies, product manufactures, builders, architects, engineers, code officials, mortgage institutions and national, state and local governments

…we can make a difference in our nation's energy future and create local jobs while doing it.


Building Science Lessons from the Honey Bee

Collectively MC2 (Mathis Consulting Company) has over 100 years of experience in building science and energy efficiency – from the performance of building products to the building codes and policies that govern buildings. Chris Mathis and his team provide a variety of strategic services to both private and public sector interests related to buildings and building product performance - from trend analysis to code assessment to regulatory positioning.

These efforts address product and building performance issues for new construction as well as for renovation, energy use and peak demand issues for utilities, meaningful sustainability metrics, as well as local, state and national regulatory planning.  

The MC2 Team conducts frequent training seminars for architects, builders, engineers, manufacturers, code officials and others addressing these myriad energy and performance issues - from improved building energy efficiency and comfort to energy and power planning to improved building and energy codes to the challenges of sustainability and green building. 

Some of the ways Companies, Utilities, States and Others Work With Us: 

Chris Mathis Keynote Speaker at BEST 3 Conference in Atlanta - Solving the Next Energy Crisis



 R. Christopher Mathis


Insulating Guide by R. Christopher Mathis

The Insulating Guide provides builders and contractors with a variety of proven techniques for properly insulating a home. The insulating and air sealing principles and practices presented here are intended to be immediately applicable to almost any residential construction project. Employing these techniques will help builders minimize their risk of callbacks while maximizing the likelihood of achieving superior levels of energy efficiency and overall home performance.


Listen to Chris Mathis talk about Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Listen in as Chris Mathis talks to Matt Nelson of Building X about energy efficiency in buildings. He will discuss how efficiency is working its way into codes and how those codes get enforced.  He will also talk about his passion for bee keeping and it's connection to energy efficiency. Click here to listen to the podcast. 




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